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2020 Feb 04 11:45:48
we will be posting some updates.
2020 Feb 04 11:45:28
Greetings to this great community.



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About TRUSTMARKETHUB Token (TMH) Project

This project is aimed to be the First Blockchain Based Markethub Designed with its own Dual mode Ultra-Fast Business Management Software where Merchants manages their Businesses simultaneously and as well connect their local shops inventories direct to their online shops through a reliable p2p digital hub for Jobs, services and products.  Backed with high end  multi-signature escrow and collateral security.

Internet fraud is responsible for more than $100 billion of private and company losses (Patrick Wagner, Aug 14, 2018). E-commerce Fraud Increased by 30% in 2017 according to online source. There is no firm way of dealing with internet fraudsters as it is very difficult to trace an internet fraudster down. The way in which they receive payment from victims is well thought. The norm is requesting payment via bank account. But this way has flaws as it would be easy for the bank to turn the bank account holder to the police if a victim should find a way to report. These days, scammers ask for a form of payment which cant be reversed or cancelled e.g. Western Union. Also, requesting money to be sent by post is another way in which scammers can receive the payment. Again, its against customers rights for an internet service provider to go through the web pages a customer visits. This is exactly why fraudsters can get away with this crime so easily.

�Its ecosystem comprises of: Trustmarkethub Token (TMH) an ERC-20 compliant token designed to power digital transactions on the TMH Network. Elements include TMH product market, TMH Job and services market, TMH Token/Fiat p2p exchange market, Multi-signature Escrow and collateral security system.

�Every TMH platform User requires KYC verification in order to help achieve the main purpose of TMH project while keeping the highest level of users data security and privacy.

�TMH allows for registration as an agent which could be DELIVERY VERIFICATION AGENT or PURCHASING AGENT. This offers a reliable source of earning to it's agents

Our Ecosystem Breakdown:�
a. TMH Core features
b. TMH Jobs & Services market
c. TMH Products Market
d. TMH Token/Fait P2P exchange Market

Core features Breakdown:�
a. TMH agents
b. Collateral security
c. Multi-signature escrow
d. TMH token
e. TMH virtual and regional legal services

�TMH Business Management Software��
TMH offers  affordable  and reliable software system to its merchants for Local Stores integration into TMH Platform.

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good luck and more power!


отличный проэкт


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